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The blog was just for the WMA games so is no longer being updated but I hope some people will find my thoughts and experiences interesting and perhaps helpful in preparation for their own races.

One regret is that I wasn’t drug tested at the games – I regularly get emails and comments suggesting something other than training, technique, diet, experience etc is the reason I have been improving and performing so well.

Here is the YouTube video of the 1500m M55 World Record run courtesy of the Canadian team

And here is some of the 5000m race, 2 days after the Cross Country – I ran a slow (82/83 sec laps) race behind the Columbian until 4.5 laps to go and then accelerated to 74 seconds per lap and it turned out to be an easy win by 25 seconds. Video here (starts with first heat – forward to about 2 mins for my heat

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  1. Jim Beisty says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful series of races at the Games which call to my mind the other great OZ Master racers,John Gilmour and George McGrath.
    Like you their racing talents covered the 1500m to marathon spectrum .May your racing career be as long and successful as was theirs.