World Masters Athletics Games – Day 11

A fairly easy day today, breakfast, watch US acquaintance medal in the 400m, meet some friends at the running shop, buy some shoes for a friend, chill out over coffee – out for pasta dinner with 7 local marathoners at 5pm. Not even thinking about the marathon tomorrow – will pick up some advice tonight and just go relaxed tomorrow and see what happens.

I still have a sore throat and a dry cough – didn’t seem to affect the legs on yesterday’s short run and hope it doesn’t tomorrow (I won’t actually be able to tell as the legs are going to be tired anyway).

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2 Responses to World Masters Athletics Games – Day 11

  1. F Mahony says:


    Well done on your results so far.
    And best of luck with the marathon.
    Just remember, the key to a good marathon time is the same as your other races:
    Identify a realistic expected total time,
    Divide by 42.2 to get your pace,
    And run the whole race at this pace.
    It will be easy early on, just relax,
    the real marathon doesn’t start till 30 to 35km.

    • Keith says:

      Yes – thanks – I know that deep-down but I need reminding and I appreciate all the reminding I can get – anything slower than 3:20 feels odd at the moment! Just off to bed now, up at 2am for food and again at 3:50am to get to race check in for 4:15am. Plan is to follow the first person with a M55 on their back, unless they go faster than my speed-limited is set at 🙂 I WILL follow that plan 🙂