World Masters Athletics Games – Day 10 – 1500m finals

5th World Record (unratified as yet) – 3rd Gold! The perfect mile (metric) – In front from the gun – 4:12.35 – thanks for all the support – more later plus a video – feeling great! Now for some slower running 🙂300m

1 Bateman, Keith M56 Australia 4:12.35
2 Van der Hoorn, Martinus M58 Netherlands 4:24.57
3 Dunlop, Alastair M57 Great Britain 4:25.81
4 McPhail, Elmer M55 United States 4:26.27
5 Chantry, Stephen M56 United States 4:27.16
6 Duncanson, Rob M56 United States 4:35.23
7 Bernhard, Tom M59 United States 4:35.48
8 Sono, Masao M57 Japan 4:39.90
9 Steedman, Doug M56 United States 4:43.11
10 Hartshorne, Thomas M57 United States 4:45.10
11 Albo, David M55 United States 4:48.69
12 Sangronis, Manuel M58 Venezuela 4:50.38
13 Stonkus, Arny M56 United States 4:53.92
14 Munro, Ross M58 Canada 4:55.03
15 Fairley, Gerard M57 Great Britain 4:57.21
16 Russell, Clifford M57 Canada 5:01.65

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8 Responses to World Masters Athletics Games – Day 10 – 1500m finals

  1. James Harrison says:

    Well I think you’ve done enough to be the World masters athlete of the year, and probably the decade! Pity the 10k wasn’t on now (rather than the marathon).

  2. I second James’s nomination of you being named masters athlete of the year,a simply awesome display in Sacramento,well done

  3. Rob Jackson says:

    I would type a message, but it’s difficult to do, with my jaw having dropped onto the keyboard. Amazing run Keith! Without a pacer or a pack to work with. The accolades are just beginning.

  4. Pol MacShimidh says:

    Nach math a rinn thu! Feumaidh tu bhith air do dhòigh le trì buinn òra. ‘ S e fìor ghaisgeach a th’annad, gu dearbh. Meal do naidheachd is abair farpais dhut-sa! ‘S airidh thu air a h-uile bonn òr a bhuannaich thu. Gur math a thèid leat anns a’ Mharathon!

  5. Tom Bernhard says:

    Congratulations on a phenomenal race today and a great meet overall. Glad you finally got that 1500m WR. It was a great pleasure meeting you and running against you is something I will always remember. Best of luck in the marathon and hope you got to meet Ron Robertson today.

    Tom Bernhard

  6. Lisa Harrison says:

    ….there has to be something a bit soft about those male 55+ world records that Keith has been flogging….surely…maybe needs a royal commission….look out marathon!!

  7. Gary Bowen says:

    Wow, what can I say, except AWESOME effort…
    To Lisa Harrison, the M55 records aren’t soft anymore, Keith has made sure of that !

  8. mike deegan says:

    Hi Keith, back in UK just read your blog; brilliant run n the 1500m, great to meet you and best wishes for the Marathon. Will keep in touch, take care, Mike Deegan

    Congratulations on your 5th WR, you set a pretty high bar for the rest of us !!