World Masters Athletics Games – Day 8 – 1500m heats

Sore throat this morning! Okay at the moment and hoping it doesn’t develop over next few days. 4 hours to the race (heat) …

Okay so that was an easy qualification! The Frenchman I thought might be quick wasn’t there and the 4:31 was easy even with a very very slow first 150m and a big deceleration in the home straight – and I cruised the rest. 🙂

I now feel very relaxed about the final and will definitely race it for a record. I just need to make sure the first 100 is in 16 or 17 and I keep at 67/lap for the first couple – then the real hard work begins. But with lots of friends at the track and a good crowd there’s a real chance of the World Record. 🙂

Met lots more really friendly people today Spanish, Canadian, Columbian, American … and even had a long talk to a lady from the Western Isle of Scotland in Gaelic!

Now for 2 days relaxing 🙂

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2 Responses to World Masters Athletics Games – Day 8 – 1500m heats

  1. Lisa Harrison says:

    Hi Keith,
    I looked up your site when I didn’t see your name at the top of the 10km results. I see Jamie suggests you are getting soft. Good to see you are not all machine!!
    Some great efforts so far from you. Good luck with the rest of your races. I have been watching Don and Rosemary from Hills, both doing well so far. Wish I was there competing in my new age group.
    Have fun doing your next world record on Friday and don’t forget to smile as you cross the finish line.
    Best wishes