World Masters Athletics Games – Day 7

Next race tomorrow so an easy day again today. It’s quite cool again. Did an easy jog this am which became too fast at times but remained easy and short. Yesterday I went barefoot but used the Vibrams this morning as I have been barefoot on the concrete a lot around the University and stadium.

A lazy day – coffee in town followed by lunch in town followed by coffee at the uni and dinner at the uni! Easy!

Am now starting to think about tomorrow’s race. The race plan is to get into 3rd place as soon as possible and try to sit there until the end of the race, keeping an eye out for anyone coming up behind. There is only one person who, on paper, can get uncomfortably close to me and he is in another heat, so I have no excuses. The danger is always finding there is a sprinter on my back with 200m to go so as long as I avoid that situation I should be okay. The other factor is trying to conserve energy so I need to run only as hard as necessary to get through the heats.

Met another friendly runner this evening (aren’t they all?) – Clint (AKA Flash!) – it is certainly a great venue for meeting like-minded people 🙂

Tomorrow’s race is at 10:44 at American River College so a 50 min bus ride from here. Check-in time is 9:54 which means leaving at 8:18 – a lot of time for 4 min 30 seconds or less on the track 🙂

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2 Responses to World Masters Athletics Games – Day 7

  1. Tom Highnam says:

    Mate, you’re bumming around all day doing nothing! No harm in stretching your legs for a 4:20 to avoid any chance of being tripped.

    • Keith says:

      Yeah thanks mate. I will try to get off the line first to avoid that and getting trapped. I have a bit of a sore throat this morning 🙁 and had a slight cough yesterday – hoping it’s nothing to worry about.