World Masters Athletics Games – Day 5 – Rest day

Today was officially a rest day so I played at tourists – visited Old Sacramento and took a tour of Governor Arnold’s State Capital building. A 20 min run to get the legs going before dinner – went barefoot around the uni and it felt good on the warm pavements/roads. Did 5 x 100 sprints on the grass.

Spent a large part of the evening in difficult communication with some Spanish-speaking athletes – very enjoyable – must put learning Spanish on my TTD list!

I have now definitely decided NOT to run the 10000m but to concentrate on getting through the 1500m heats on Wednesday instead – and having a blast at the final on Friday. Sean has already sent me instructions!

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2 Responses to World Masters Athletics Games – Day 5 – Rest day

  1. James Harrison says:

    No 10k! You must be getting soft!