World Masters Athletics Games – Day 4 – 5,000m Gold!

The race is at 11:43, check in 10:48. Richard Burns is coming to watch and I will meet him for the first time. He broke the 33-year-old 55+ 1mile record about this time last year, the one I broke a few months later, in October – we have been emailing ever since his record-braking run.

There were the usual early-morning pre-race heart-racing nerves and thinking through various race tactics and scenarios 🙂 I don’t feel as much pressure now I have had one very good result but being the WR holder for this distance brings a certain amount of pressure. The temperature is due to peak at 33C today so perhaps about 30C for the race, and there seems to be a slight breeze.
WMA 5000m M55 Gold
What a nightmare getting to the track but a very very successful day – the type of race you always want to run. I was feeling a little tired after the 8km cross-country a few days ago so was rather pleased when the pace was very slow at the start. Because the pace was so slow I ended up in front but this was no a day for speed; it was cooler (about 30C) but a fair breeze was blowing down the back straight. So I moved into lane 2 slowed up and let the next 2 runners pass – and then I tucked in behind. The laps were painfully slow. At some point the leader opened a small gap so I hopped into second place and followed.

Michael Deagan was on the track side (a former British International and CEO for my sponsors Ron Hill) and he did a great job in telling me who was where. Lap 8 was another slow one and someone in the first race had run 17.06 and we seemed to be heading for that time so there was a real danger of winning the race and coming 2nd! The Dutch runner I thought might be fast dropped off fairly early leaving just me and Jose the Columbian; and he was looking tired.

So at the end of the back straight where it was no longer windy I took the lead and finished off with an average of 73 per lap, held my form well and simply demolished the field! Sweet! A very slow time of 16:35 but overall I think one of my better performances when the tactics are taken into consideration. The crowd really appreciated the race and I felt a little embarrassed shaking hands with people all along the length of the stand 🙂 But that said it was a classic race to watch and must have been very entertaining.
Lap splits

I had my Vibrams ready to wear but we had to wear timing chips and I decided not to experiment with attaching it to the Vibrams (The MOCs have no strap like the ones I used for cross-country).

My thanks to them for helping out with the cheering and especially to Richard Burns, George Haywood who I only met yesterday, and Jim from our rooms who made special trips to come along; and to Michael Deagan for the great track-side help – really appreciated. I will go to watch Richard in his 400 hurdles final on Monday.

After the race we made the journey back to the main stadium, ate on the way and the waited for the presentation. The Columbian runner and his friend who was 3rd in our race were surprised that the American from race 1 was 2nd – I think they misunderstood the time as 17.59 instead of 17.059 – after a considerable time and translation service it was sorted. It’s been a long day and I have also acquired some red skin which needs some care. However, legs all good and am thinking of not withdrawing from the 10,000m and asking the officials if I can check-in late for the 1500m which start at another stadium soon after the 10,000m finishes. Four days now until the 10,000m/1500m races

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8 Responses to World Masters Athletics Games – Day 4 – 5,000m Gold!

  1. mike deegan says:

    Keith you did a great job today in the 5000m; a controlled relaxed,fluent race,well done. I hope that I can join you on the start line on Wednesday, take care and rest well, Mike

  2. Hervé Martinet says:

    Completely incredible these gold medals (cross, 5000, 1500 alone with world record and marathon 2 days after) !!!
    I think it is not possible to compete against Keith Bateman.
    This man was unknown 2 years ago, has no performances when younger and he demolishes all world records and win 4 medals in 1 week with a world record and a marathon without being tired.
    I would like to know the real explications of these results !!!
    Hervé of France

    • Keith says:

      Hi – I might not have been known in France but I have an 8-year record of improving times and they became especially relevant as I reached the new age-group.

      For example: times over the years

      and of course there are records going back to 2005:
      1500m (55+ WORLD RECORD)
      27/02/2005 04:14.19 NSW 45+ State Record
      13/01/2006 04:17.30 NSW 50+ State Record
      25/02/2006 04:15.25 NSW 50+ State Record
      24/01/2008 04:11.04 NSW 50+ State Record
      23/10/2010 04:15.12 NSW 55+ State Record and Australian Record
      06/11/2010 04:12.91 NSW 55+ State Record and Australian Record
      15/07/2011 04:12.35 NSW 55+ State Record, Australian Record and World Record
      1Mile (55+ WORLD RECORD)
      29/08/2009 04:41.76 NSW 50+ State Record
      31/10/2010 04:37.30 NSW 55+ State Record and Australian Record
      18/12/2010 04:35.04 NSW 55+ State Record, Australian Record and World Record
      3000m (55+ WORLD RECORD)
      15/01/2005 09:19.58 NSW 45+ State Record
      3/12/2005 09:32.56 NSW 50+ State Record
      7/1/2006 09:14.02 NSW 50+ State Record and Australian Record
      11/3/2006 09:13.21 NSW 50+ State Record and Australian Record
      11/11/2006 09:10.03 NSW 50+ State Record and Australian Record
      10/11/2007 09:09.61 NSW 50+ State Record and Australian Record
      31/1/2009 08:59.62 NSW 50+ State Record and Australian Record
      16/10/2010 09:14.27 NSW 55+ State Record and Australian Record
      13/11/2010 08:56.80 NSW 55+ State Record, Australian Record and World Record
      5000m (55+ WORLD RECORD)
      11/4/2004 16:26.22 NSW 45+ State Record
      3/2/2005 15:49.92 NSW 45+ State Record
      28/1/2010 15:52.10 NSW 50+ State Record
      5/1/2011 15:29.7 NSW 55+ State Record, Australian Record and World Record
      10000m (55+ WORLD RECORD) Finish line photo
      01/10/2005 33:20.30 NSW 50+ State Record
      02/12/2010 32:28.71 NSW 55+ State Record and Australian Record
      26/03/2011 31:51.86 NSW 55+ State Record, Australian Record and World Record
      10Km Road
      03/05/2008 33:23:00 NSW 50+ State Record
      01/05/2010 32:32:00 NSW 50+ State Record
      04/06/2011 32:35:00 NSW 55+ State Record
      Half marathon
      13/03/2005 01:17.03 NSW 55+ State Record
      11/09/2005 01:17.25 NSW 50+ State Record
      18/05/2008 01:14.32 NSW 50+ State Record
      05/07/2009 01:12.13 NSW 50+ State Record
      16/5/2010 01:11.54 NSW 50+ State Record
      15/5/2011 01:14.09 NSW 55+ State Record *stopped due to injury at 19.5km and jogged to finish

    • Keith says:

      Just an extra thought – tired? I was tired in the legs for 5000m but the pace was so slow for 1st 8 laps (around 83 seconds) that I had no problem in accelerating to 73/72 – that is not so fast for me at the moment and nothing compared to my regular training. Then I had 4 days’ rest before an easy 1500m heat. Therefore I was completely ready for the 1500m finals. Of course the marathon felt easy at 3:45s for the first 10km but then I suffered really really badly – I was close to stopping and it was only the other runners who kept me going, plus supporters around the course. at the end I could not stand! It took me a very long time to get back to my accommodation, cramping badly every few minutes – it was only after a cold soak in the pool, a long hot shower, re-hydration and 4 or 5 hours’ rest that I was functioning anywhere near normal. I still have not been able to run as my legs are badly battered – so tired? yes but really only after the marathon as my normal training is much harder than this rather relaxed 2 weeks’ competition 🙂

  3. Hervé Martinet says:

    I have never seen a specialist of 1500m beat a world record (ex Hicham El Guerrouj) and 2 days after running a marathon easy, it is absolutely not the same preparation.
    And the difference is too important with your concurrents (4’12” alone ! and 4’24” for the second) after cross and 5000 …
    You make better than Anselm Lebourne USA in M50 in 4’15” who is a very good runner since many years (many records and world titles since he was 40 years).
    It seems impossible to be in 33’20” on 10 kms in M50 and 31’51” in M55, that is physiogically impossible, you get older as all the people.
    What are your best performances at 20 years, 30 years, 40 years ?
    Training very hard as a young man is not possible at 55-56 years (problems of rest, of injuries), there is another explication …

  4. Keith says:

    It is possible. I started running only at 29 years old and didn’t train well until 2000 so naturally I had the opportunity to be better at 45 than at 30 – since then I have improved my training, my diet, my technique (3 or 4 times), and gained experience and confidence. I rarely get injured because I train almost all on grass, I run very well (low impact) and I run barefoot for all my speed sessions. I also take care to have a massage every 3 weeks from someone who is a top athlete too, and my coach also makes sure I do not over train. The times listed above are my Personal Best (I mean my best-ever (life-time) best times)

  5. Keith says:

    If you still don’t believe me just ask the squad I train with and have been with for 8 years is my coach’s website 🙂

    • Hervé Martinet says:

      Yes Ok you have the last word, congratulations for 4 gold medals, only 10000m and 3000m steeple were possible in M55 for winning these competitions in long distances in Sacramento (34’54” on 10000 for winner, 3 minutes more than you), thoughtful people cannot really think that it is as simple to make such performances