Aproaching deadline for 2016 world masters’

Almost two months since the last post. Rest made the tendon less and less sore but as soon as it was loaded it became sore. Eventually I did some easy runs anyway. It hurt the next day and I needed two days recovery. However the newly-flexible ankle started to strengthen and the lower calf started getting worked.

I have continued that process, running only barefoot on concrete to keep low to the ground and to avoid any lateral movement of the tendon while repairing. That plan is finally paying off as I can now run a few km every second day, sometimes every day. And the strength continues to build. The ankle still needs a walk to warm it up but daily improvements continue.

I don’t think I will be ready for Perth – 10 days to decide yet. At the moment 1x 3:30km leaves me beathless when I need to repeat at least 7 x 1km at 3:10 on 4 min cycle before I am close to what I need. I need six full weeks of training as a minimum.

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Another month

So I rested as much as possible but I had to do technique sessions with clients and I had to do a few runs with the boys at school. However, I stopped everything from about 10th June and rested completely from running until yesterday, 26th June. Being on holiday made that easier.

I think the ankle will be good soon. It is just a strength issue. The ankle joint has been jammed up for possibly 3 years (maybe from the accident with the car, not sure) – maybe 5 years. But that meant it wasn’t fully mobile and my muscles, tendons and ligaments have developed around that. The vein treatment has also stopped fluid pooling so that’s freed it up too. I think the extra movement in the joint, without muscular support, has lead to the Achilles Tendon tear. Anyway I taped over the Achilles tendon with some strong but flexible tape and ran yesterday (something we tell clients never to do!) – about 4km – I was a bit sore after but this morning it was pretty good so, worked the spiky ball a bit and I did the same again.

It’s looking good – this controlled exercise seems to be working where 3 weeks’ rest was giving very slow improvement (but the rest was probably very beneficial). It was a good job I did run yesterday as a few km out I found Heidi hobbling back with a torn calf muscle, so I was able to get the car. The tear is starting to repair – probably 3 days or so to go as it’s not a really bad one – poor girl suffers a lot from tears as her blood’s not right yet.

So we’ll see how today goes and perhaps tomorrow I will do another short run …

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Two weeks on

I have ‘cooked’ the Achilles tendon tear with too much, too soon – classic error! So I am just walking and swimming until I can pass the pressure test. That is; I can press hard on any part of the tendon without pain. Otherwise this will go on and on.

The problem is I see people running everywhere, and my job is running too – it’s not easy! It’s a shame especially as I want to run on holiday in a few weeks but it’s going to have to be easy stuff and watching – in the long run it’s the wise thing to do.

None of this starting at 6:00/km and getting down to 3:25/km after 4km or so!

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Second visit even more of a success

Visited Chris Jones again this week and after some more manipulation and some pulling the joint has been opened some more and I am even more flexible. I need to be careful as this immobility has reduced muscle use and with the increased flexibility the muscles etc need to catch up.

Looking good though – yesterday 90 min session with client, 3km on grass with Heidi and 8km with the boys at the school. A little stiff first thing but another 90 min client session at 7am and all good.

Just got X-rays of the feet for the specialist next month but I reckon it’s fixed. The x-ray shows the joint Chris has worked on is just a little more closed up than the other foot so booking in another visit in a few weeks. Feeling much better about this now. Not sure exactly how this came about. Accident with car a few years ago might have started all this off and/or massive work load/other traumas – who knows, but happy …

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Weakness continues but hope …

Just visited Chris Jones (Osteo and good 800m runner (1:46 I think)). He found that my foot was locked up – no play between the calcaneous and the talus – the right foot had some movement, left none! So he’s started to sort that. This diagnosis fits with the symptoms – many many past traumas from skiing, football, hill running and it’s ceased up.

Hopeful of full training in a month πŸ™‚

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Smashed it a bit

Couldn’t resist a faster km yesterday but I should have stuck to slower and more. The problem was there were people in front only running a 3:25km πŸ™‚ Anyway that plus a technique session made the Achilles sore – two more tech sessions with clients today so need to go easy – foot in bucket of warm water as I write πŸ™‚

Doc says am doing the right thing – that is; gradually increasing load and since flexibility is improving (not counting today’s problem) it’s all good and scar tissue dispersing. Getting foot x-rays for specialist visit, which is in June, regardless – I want to check in case anything in there that will cause long-term problem.

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Every day in every way …

Five weeks after being ‘allowed’ to run the foot soreness has improved markedly – A little stiff each morning but I am now able to run 3 days in a row (light session on Saturday), 40 mins at ~5m/Km Sunday and a session with client today, and foot feels not to bad. The tendon tear seems to be fixed or certainly not a problem – the scar tissue on the ligaments is perhaps still there.

So I am feeling happier that I might be able to start some real training soon. It might all stop for a few weeks next week depending on vascular issues – has the blood stopped flowing in the varicose veins now or has the body repaired the veins? I’ll have to wait until next week but even if I have compression tights and no running for another two weeks, and even if that makes the ankle seize up I know it’s fixable with a graduated return to running πŸ™‚

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The MRI results were ‘comprehensive’ to say the least – an overload of information and scar tissue everywhere. I need to wait until June for the specialist’s comments but it looks as though the scars on the inside and front of the ankle are old ski-related injuries – that’s decades ago so probably of little concern. There’s the expected spurs, thickening around the tendons etc. The main concern seems to be a tear in the Achilles tendon and scar tissue on the lateral collateral ligament complex – these match pain and stiffness.

Gentle and increasing exercise on flat ground is improving this quite well and I am hoping in a week or so I will be almost normal. I think near-3 months in compression might have been a factor in the scar tissue becoming a problem – just an idea.

Onward and upward – might have 2 more weeks in compression from 26th depending on results of ultrasound on veins. Eventually i’ll come out the other side stronger and maybe faster πŸ™‚

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A bit of a rest then …

I rested the foot for a while and Heidi was my demonstrator for a few techniques sessions but on Friday I had to do one. The ankle was sore, especially after but in a slightly different area. On Friday night I had the MRI – results next week.

Then Saturday 19th I went for a 3.1 Km easy run with Heidi – the same area was a little sore and stiffened up after but pm I managed to put on some organic magnesium oil and it freed it up. I did another technique session and it was okay. Last night I was hobbling again and this am it was just a little stiff – it seems more like the lower part of the calf is weak/wasted and the ankle is TOO flexible at times – all very strange. Today I shared a technique session with Heidi (she’s getting so good at these!) but I ran most of the time – now 9 hours later the usual stiffness in the problem area.

It seems to be easing so I will try continuing with the gentle runs and see what happens pending the MRI results. I honestly don’t have the fitness for faster runs anyway – 3Km in 15 mins was hard yesterday! It will get better – it is improving – but I would like to know if there’s some sort of obstruction/tear causing all this πŸ™‚

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Thought I was at the end (version two!)

My ‘last’ visit to the surgeon today and there’s a very very small central part of the Great saphenous vein that has opened to about 1mm. I went dizzy just thinking about more injections today and after 3 months of almost no running and over two of that in compression tights I am desperate to run.

I am 4kg heaver and I still have a slight ankle problem which I am confused about – it should have fixed itself but without the lack of blood flow caused by the compression perhaps it would have. After all it’s my body’s excellent repair capabilities that have re-opened the vein!

So I go back for another scan in 6 weeks – I am of the opinion that if it hasn’t opened any more, or if only a little i’ll leave it for another few months, perhaps for ever – i’ll need to discuss that with the surgeon.

So for now it’s some easy running – probably just work – I have sessions to give Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and 10 hours+ school coaching – that will be enough for now. In the mean time i’m off to the GP to see if I can get a referral for an MRI, thinking I might have a tear in the superior peroneal retinaculum from an accident some time back.

At least I am running a bit and can catch up on clients. And I have time to sort the foot problem πŸ˜‰

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