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Running technique sessions - run smoother, faster, further

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Our technique-change book based of my successful sessions and backed up with expert advice and exercises for transitioning to better technique

Random testimonials (More)

Andrea Polson 
@ 15th August 2012 15:05:56

With only two short sessions with Keith I have learnt so much! Keith is a fountain of running knowledge and experience and his advice has helped me knock 29 minutes off my C2S time! I never thought I'd qualify for the green group let along get under 80 minutes! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and I can't wait to learn more and hopefully continue to improve further.

Jason Kendall 
@ 31st May 2015 14:15:56

Highly recommend the sessions with Keith. He's identified and communicated the area's and the plan that I need to focus on to improve my technique. Dealing with keith has been as effortless as his technique looks. Thank you Keith.

Andy Alchin 
@ 20th May 2013 14:12:59

I saw Keith 6 months ago and I raced in the half marathon and beat my PB by 4 1/2 minutes ran a 1.51 I have gone from very much a heal runner to now more forefoot I did some 60 km weeks in training and have not had one injury and I also ran my fastest 5 km run last week at 23.15 which I could never do Looking forward to another catch up with Keith this weekend

Technique videos

Harvard University video

Do good long-distance runners heel strike?

Not in this video ...

Boston Marathon 08 Elite Runners' Technique

Exercises and demos

Some relevant technique videos, and exercises:

This is a good instructional video on butt kicks done the way I would to aid good form
Butt kicking - from New York Road Runners

Another good video, this time on posture
Running Posture - from New York Road Runners

And a more detailed video on leg and foot movements
Leg Movements - from New York Road Runners

Getting the foot to come up under the hip by coach Jeff Grant of Hillseeker Fitness in Switzerland - I think you should feel the foot coming more forward than up when moving but this is a great exercise to make sure you are not trailing the back foot.

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