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Running technique sessions - run smoother, faster, further

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Our technique-change book based of my successful sessions and backed up with expert advice and exercises for transitioning to better technique

Random testimonials (More)

Rita Owens 
@ 18th March 2015 11:32:15

After years of wondering why I was still being injured and spending $$$ on shoes and not getting anywhere, reading Keith's book and having the coaching I am grateful for his advice and guidance.

Trevor Satour 
@ 23rd January 2014 10:38:32

I'm 60 and apart from a bit of sport when I was younger I've never ran. Recently I decided to get fit and started running-lost 30kgs in 18 months. Decided that if I was going to run a bit may as well do it properly so I booked to see Keith Bateman. Man, what a mind-blowing first session yesterday. The guy is just so knowledgable and so helpful. I thought I was doing reasonably well, but Keith has opened some new and exciting possibilities that will take me on a different journey that I know I will enjoy. Thank you Keith, in my assessment you are indeed a master of your craft.

Andrea Polson 
@ 15th August 2012 15:05:56

With only two short sessions with Keith I have learnt so much! Keith is a fountain of running knowledge and experience and his advice has helped me knock 29 minutes off my C2S time! I never thought I'd qualify for the green group let along get under 80 minutes! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and I can't wait to learn more and hopefully continue to improve further.

Local groups, clubs, coaches

Rejoov Fitness - Centennial Park

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Rejoov Runners - Centennial Park

Tues / Thurs / Sat speed sessions: tempo, fartlek, hills, intervals - fabulous variety around the park

Sunday long runs: various pace groups with similar pace buddies

Well established & popular running groups. All levels & ages, men & women - everyone welcome. Take the guess work out of your training with our various reps & distances to suit your level. Significantly enhance and enjoy your fitness and train for specific events from 5k to marathons (and ultras). Sessions start with a warm up. After the warm up jog we go to a different session location for every session of the month. Always welcome to bring along any friends or family including kids.

Highly experienced coaches Greta & Chris Truscott

P: 0419 021 694

E: greta@rejoovrunners.com.au

W: rejoovrunners.com.au

SWEAT training squads

Centennial Park Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

The morning squad for beginners and intermediate runners is on in Centennial Park each Tuesday (6.15am), Thursday (6.15am) Saturday (7.30am) and Sunday (7.30am).

They meet under the pavilion at McKay Oval on Grand Drive.

All runners in the squad are put on an individualized training program which incorporates the squad sessions and any other training the coach feels they require (if any). This program helps runners to prepare for targeted races or simply running fitness goals.

Sessions include, hills, long reps, short reps, tempo running, fartlek and long runs. It is a big group with runners having a wide range of speed and endurance, so runners are sure to find training partner of a very similar level to them!

The Kids squad for 5-16 year olds is on each Wednesday (4.00pm) and Friday (4.00pm) at McKay Oval on Grand Drive. It is for runners of all ability levels.

The elite squad has qualifying times and train most days.

Training camps are held every month or two for runners looking to get out of the city and train in a rural environment.


The Running Company - Bondi Beach

Every Monday and Wednesday night 6:15pm for 6:30pm start - it's fun and free!

For more details:

P 02 93655485
Shop 6/157 Curlewis St
Bondi Beach

Note - Store physically located on Gould st, 1 store down from Billabong and 10m South from the corner of Gould and Curlewis st.

Sydney Striders speed group

Meet 6am Paddington Gates, Centennial Park - Wednesday & Friday (Free)

Please check the Sydney Striders website and call the contact person to confirm arrangements but you can expect the group to run almost every Wednesday and Friday of the year.

The group caters for all standards and the routines are designed around everyone being able to train together, at their own pace.

Wednesday normally alternates between hill reps and 2 minute reps on the flat.

Friday is normally a series of 1km reps.

Sydney Striders membership is not required. Free to attend (also fun and friendly)

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