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Running technique sessions - run smoother, faster, further

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Our technique-change book based of my successful sessions and backed up with expert advice and exercises for transitioning to better technique

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Mark Lee 
@ 11th March 2013 19:20:44

In a single session Keith gave me some valuable pointers on technique that were simple to introduce into my running. Combined with a smarter training program, I've seen my times drop from 5km to marathon distance. The session was a great birthday present from my wife - perhaps you should ask yours;). [or your husband of course!]

Amanda Coombe 
@ 22nd January 2015 17:31:10

After years of lower leg injuries and strength work, I was still a chronic over strider, wasting much energy and having to restrict my training. After reading Keith book and doing an individual session with him with my coach we have significantly reduced my over striding, excessive knee lift and improved my rhythm, all great when you are a Masters athlete. Keith has an outstanding ability to break complex biomechanical concepts down into easy to understand drills. This together with his encouraging and positive coaching style definitely makes him a 'game changer'. Thank you Keith.

Brett Chester 
@ 30th November 2011 09:53:50

I am a difficult uncoordinated patient at the best of times but Keith AKA the "Running Dr", had me going again in record speed. From shin splints to running. Bliss!! Thank you Keith - eternally grateful.

Runner-friendly physios

Albert Alonso - Sports Physiotherapist

Bondi Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre

Bondi Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Centre
30 Curlewis St (Cnr Wellington St)
Bondi Beach, NSW 2026
Tel: (02) 9130-6914 | Fax: (02) 9130-1318


Lewis Ingram Physio - I come to you

B Physio (Hons Class I) Strength & Conditioning Coach

Lewis Ingram Physio

By Keith Bateman: I have personal experience of Lewis's work and am very impressed with his knowledge but more than that; with his simple yet effective solutions. It fits closely with the way both Heidi (Podiatrist) and I (technique-change) work. His aim is to find and treat the problem rather than the symptoms and in this he is very successful. Most impressive!.


Email: Lewis.Ingram.1986@gmail.com

Tel: 0434 825 572

Jeremy Daniher @ The Physiotherapy Clinic

Waverley Street Bondi Junction

The Physiotherapy Clinic

The Physiotherapy Clinic specialises in the assessment and treatment of muscle and movement imbalances. We take a total body approach to screen for postural faults, joint malalignemnt, and areas of suboptimal neuromuscular control.

We combine hands on physiotherapy wth specific exercise prescription to meet your running goals. Exercises may include "downtraining" of overactive muscle groups," retraining" of appropriate muscle firing patterns, specific stretches, or targeted strengthening, aiming to regain control of dynamic movment. Exercise prescription specific to your body and related to the demands of running can maximise your performance and minimise the risk of injury.

We work closely with your running coach, sports massage therapist, podiatrist and other health professional to achieve a collaborative approach to optimise your health and results.

Level 9
Suite 904/3 Waverley Street
Bondi Junction
NSW 2022

Tel: 02 9387 1011

Jo Hadley

Sydney CBD

Quay Health
level 6
10 Bridge St
Sydney CBD

Website johadleyphysio.com

Jo Hadley on Facebook

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