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Our technique-change book based of my successful sessions and backed up with expert advice and exercises for transitioning to better technique

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Dan Phillips 
@ 2nd September 2012 17:27:10

After seeing my son's school team train with Keith, I had a session with him last week and found it very useful and intuitive and I hope the start of a steady improvement in my race times... I would recommend to any serious runner who has not had any coaching, that you do so with Keith

Nic Wright 
@ 7th June 2012 15:02:23

I had a session with Keith last December which was extremely useful with tips on my technique that a book could never provide. However, it wasn't until today that I really saw Keith run at my first Sweat session. In being passed by Keith, following and watching him run you realise that you're watching an artist - effortless excellence, like watching Messi run with the ball or a Federer topspin backhand. If you want to become a better runner, seek him out.

Marty Switzer 
@ 20th February 2013 21:34:04

Keith is an incredible teacher who geniuely cares about helping his clients run correctly and efficiently. His personal running achievements and attitude are inspirational as is dedication to his craft and his teaching .

Running gear


Shoes are a major problem!

I will never recommend any particular brand of shoes (except a particular model) as, even when a shoe company produces as suitable shoe, most need to change it to sell more shoes; colours and adding unnecessary, unhelpful, so-called 'scientific' additions.

Please bear in mind that when making any change you need to massively reduce distance and intensity and rebuild gradually. The answer to injury problems is to improve technique and at the same time remove the detrimental effects of chunky, heel-raised shoes. Shoes companies will blame light shoes for injuries - I blame shoe companies for being a major contributor to injuries by making everyone run badly because of the shoe design.

We shopping, also look at non-running shoes such as 'Gym' shoes or 'Crossfit' shoes - the labels shoe shops put on shoes are sales-driven. (eg racing Flats that are neither flat or suitable for racing, 'barefoot' that are nothing like barefoot.)

To help you choose running shoes and everyday shoes (which should also be flat, thin and flexible) we have suitable models shown on our book website.

Older Yet Faster by Keith Bateman and Heidi Jones

Ron Hill

Downunder Runner

I have always loved Ron Hill gear and I was delighted when Downunder Runner asked me if I would like some gear. That was in 2010 and it's all I wear. Non-Australian or New Zealand residents might like to look at ronhill.com.

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