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Keith Bateman Coaching

Running technique sessions - run smoother, faster, further

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Our technique-change book based of my successful sessions and backed up with expert advice and exercises for transitioning to better technique

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Katie Hage 
@ 8th August 2013 16:31:46

Just one session with Keith has made a huge difference to my running style. I'm now a mid-foot, neutral striker. Keith has a friendly manner and was able to articulate feedback clearly and logically so that I could make instant changes. Highly recommended to new runners!

Rita Owens 
@ 18th March 2015 11:32:15

After years of wondering why I was still being injured and spending $$$ on shoes and not getting anywhere, reading Keith's book and having the coaching I am grateful for his advice and guidance.

Amy Lam 
@ 4th June 2012 06:17:23

Keith has improved my technique remarkably. I used to be a very heavy heel-striker. I can now say I am not only a mid-foot runner, but I am running faster, and am far less injury prone. Keith is an amazing technician, and a very impressive runner and motivator. Thanks Keith!

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I am familiar with or personally know or run with everyone orininally listed in this section.

At larger organisations staff change over time or my customers might not be treated by/served by someone I know - so if this relates to your experience please let me know. eg most physios and podiatrists do not understand that current day so-called running shoes are abnormal and change the way people run, causing many injuries. If they think minimal shoes are bad, not understanding that high-impact is caused by poor technique and that cushioned, raised-heel shoes promote this bad technique then tell me! I will remove them from this listing ;-)

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