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Our technique-change book based of my successful sessions and backed up with expert advice and exercises for transitioning to better technique

Book - New edition News

The new edition is now expected in March - a slight delay due to busy editors. The editing process is going very well. The videos of Heidi's Strengthening and Rehabilitation program are all finished and uploaded ready for readers to view. Keith's lessons are next and we have a number of promotional videos too - on Running Technique and Podiatry too. More at olderyetfaster.com

Random testimonials (More)

Albert Alonso 
@ 9th November 2011 12:52:40

As a Sports Physiotherapist, I see a large variety of running injuries present at our Clinic. Whilst you may injure a joint, muscle, ligament or tendon running - initially you need to address the local site of pain, weakness, inflexibility, poor control, etc - ultimately you need to look at the complete kinetic chain & running gait that overloaded your injured running body part in the first place! Keith has not only been an invaluable part of returning my injured runners back to health, but also contributing to runners' education, gait efficiency & PBs. Thanks Keith!

@ 14th October 2013 13:28:07

Keith's training session was incredibly worthwhile. I've been running properly for about 4 months and in that time had several recurring injuries likely due to my technique. Keith took the time to completely change my style into what I knew was the proper technique but didn't know how to achieve myself. He did this using easy to understand drills and using simple language. I have not mastered running yet as I only had the session last week but in the two sessions I've had since, I can feel the improvement. Highly highly recommend having a session with Keith. James, 28 years old,Darlinghurst,Sydney

Daniel Acocks 
@ 17th April 2012 10:19:27

After taking up running a few years ago my times became stagnate and it didn't get easier as my legs were constantly injured and sore. A month ago I was introduced to Keith; his knowledge and skill identified my problems straight away and his straight forward approach then allowed me to see the issues for myself. With a basic plan and lots of hard training I have been able to lower most of my PB's over various distances. Anyone interested in running needs to spend some time with Keith, it's essential!!


Progress since my first track race in 2004

World (55+) record holder - 1500m, 1 mile, 3,000m, 5,000m & 10,000m

World Record Certificates

Many of the records listed below have been broken a number of times and those in the 45+ age group have since been broken by my friend Jamie Harrison - my aim is to make the 55+ records even harder than the 50+ records to keep him on his toes - go Jamie!!

NSW Masters Records

Australian Masters Records

World Masters Records (Official WMA list)

World Masters Records (Wikipedia listing - shows yet-to-be-ratified records)

1500m World Record courtesy of the Canadian Team at World Masters Games Sacramento

3000m World record! ANSW Youtube video here

1500m (55+ WORLD RECORD) Race video by Canadian Team
27/02/200504:14.19NSW 45+ State Record
13/01/200604:17.30NSW 50+ State Record
25/02/200604:15.25NSW 50+ State Record
24/01/200804:11.04NSW 50+ State Record
23/10/201004:15.12NSW 55+ State Record and Australian Record
06/11/201004:12.91NSW 55+ State Record and Australian Record
15/07/201104:12.35NSW 55+ State Record, Australian Record and World Record
1Mile (55+ WORLD RECORD)
29/08/200904:41.76NSW 50+ State Record
31/10/201004:37.30NSW 55+ State Record and Australian Record
18/12/201004:35.04NSW 55+ State Record, Australian Record and World Record
3000m (55+ WORLD RECORD) Race video by Athletics NSW
15/01/200509:19.58NSW 45+ State Record
3/12/200509:32.56NSW 50+ State Record
7/1/200609:14.02NSW 50+ State Record and Australian Record
11/3/200609:13.21NSW 50+ State Record and Australian Record
11/11/200609:10.03NSW 50+ State Record and Australian Record
10/11/200709:09.61NSW 50+ State Record and Australian Record
31/1/200908:59.62NSW 50+ State Record and Australian Record
16/10/201009:14.27NSW 55+ State Record and Australian Record
13/11/201008:56.80NSW 55+ State Record, Australian Record and World Record
5000m (55+ WORLD RECORD)
11/4/200416:26.22NSW 45+ State Record
3/2/200515:49.92NSW 45+ State Record
28/1/201015:52.10NSW 50+ State Record
5/1/201115:29.7NSW 55+ State Record, Australian Record and World Record
10000m (55+ WORLD RECORD) Finish line photo
01/10/200533:20.30NSW 50+ State Record
02/12/201032:28.71NSW 55+ State Record and Australian Record
26/03/201131:51.86NSW 55+ State Record, Australian Record and World Record
10Km Road
03/05/200833:23:00NSW 50+ State Record
01/05/201032:32:00NSW 50+ State Record
04/06/201132:35:00NSW 55+ State Record
Half marathon
13/03/200501:17.03NSW 55+ State Record
11/09/200501:17.25NSW 50+ State Record
18/05/200801:14.32NSW 50+ State Record
05/07/200901:12.13NSW 50+ State Record
16/5/201001:11.54NSW 50+ State Record
15/5/201101:14.09NSW 55+ State Record *stopped due to sore calf muscle at 19.5km and jogged to finish
17/07/201102:43.07NSW 55+ State Record
8km Cross-country
12/07/201127:14.20NSW 55+ State Record ('Best on record')

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